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Got a question about the Australian Air League? You might find the answer here!

The Australian Air League is a youth organisation for boys and girls aged from 8 years which encourages an interest in aviation as a career or as a hobby for the youth of Australia.

All that is needed to join is an interest in the program, your parent's/guardian's permission and several documents. You also have to be willing to attend regular parade nights and events.

Cadets usually meet once a week and some weekends throughout the school year. A cadet must participate regularly in the activities to remain in good standing at the squadron.

The Air League offers challenges, friendship and adventure! It’s an opportunity to expand horizons, contribute to the community and make friends for life. Many former cadets credit their participation in the program with giving them a head start toward their successful careers.

Air League Officers are volunteers from the community; often they are former cadets or the parents of cadets, who have an interest in developing young people’s potential.

All potential Officers are given full police checks, then supervised and trained fully before they are able to work with young people on their own.

Some of the activities you can expect at the cadet unit include ceremonial drill, first aid, education and modelling, sports, and events that support your community.

Some Squadrons and Groups also have bands that provide music training.

There will also be plenty of time to have fun and make new friends!

A uniform is required and can be purchased through your local Squadron or Group Quartermaster store. By buying the uniform through these stores you are helping to support the Air League across Australia.

Uniforms can also be bought through second hand clothing pools, which some Groups and Squadrons run.

A annual membership fee is required to assist in the running of the Australian Air League. A subscription fee is also required to cover the cost of equipment and expenses like rent, insurance and so on. This is may becollected weekly, or at the beginning of the term depending on the Squadron.

Each Squadron works out its own budget for subs so you should ask when you visit your local Squadron. 

Most Squadrons either own or have access to a wide range of equipment for camping and so on, the cost of this equipment is met by money-raising events. We ask that families do their bit to support fund raising activities within their own Squadron.

You can join as soon as you've reached your 8th birthday and you can remain as a Cadet until you turn 18.

You may then undergo Officer training if you would like to remain in the Air League.

Education is very important to Cadets. Cadet training is a hands-on, activity-based program that should complement school studies. As well, there are several scholarships available through the Air League.

The self-discipline that the cadets learn helps them organize their schoolwork and to develop good study habits

Cadets are young people who take part in activities at Squadrons within their local community. These activities are designed to help them to become more self-confident, to develop their leadership skills, to improve their physical fitness and communication skills, and to teach self-discipline through challenging training

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The Australian AIr League issues badges to cadets upon the completition of badges and awards. You can find a full list of all badges and there locations here.